Graduated from Glasgow Caledonian University, United Kingdom

Work experience in United Kingdom, Ireland, Bangladesh and Singapore

Clinical experience at Centre for the Rehabilitation of the Paralysed, Bangladesh with focus into Spinal Cord Injuries, Paediatrics and Orthotics.

Women empowerment programme leader at Glasgow Caledonian College of Nursing, Bangladesh

Volunteer Podiatrist with Special Olympics Ireland and Singapore, Health Athlete programme

Events co-ordinator at Glasgow Commonwealth Games, 2014

Guest speaker at Downs Syndrome Association, Diabetes Association and Mental Health Institute

Specialist training in Diagnostic ultrasound, shockwave therapy, Foot manipulation therapy (FMT) and Sports taping

Spirit of Enniskillen Ambassador for Peace and Reconciliation project in Northern Ireland and Cyprus

Specialist interest into Musculoskeletal conditions, Sports injuries and Podopaediatrics.

Advocate of evidence-based practice and research

Avid promoter of health, fitness and being outdoors

Keen enthusiast in sport, nature and music

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