Chronic Lower Back Pain

Many people suffer from chronic lower back pain and do not realise that the problem comes from their feet. Our feet are the basis of the body, and as the foundation of a house, if there is a problem with the base, there are likely to be problems with the rest of the body as well.

Chronic lower back pain is usually the result of biomechanical or anatomical anomalies, such as flat feet, or a leg length discrepancy (LLD) meaning that one leg is shorter than the other. Anomalies during walking (gait), such as the feet collapsing inwards, and the shoes you wear also play a role in the development of back pain.

A full biomechanical assessment is necessary to determine any underlying issues that cause lower back pain.

Chronic Lower Back Pain

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Kardem Kiter

Article by Kardem Kiter, specialist podiatrist at Family Podiatry Centre

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