A child’s feet are typically at higher risk of injury and deformity compared to adults due to their softer bones. As such, footwear that is not suitable for their feet shape and make it uncomfortable to walk in can lead to a range of podiatry-related problems. If not rectified early, the child may experience more issues while growing up, including knee and back pain. Parents are always advised to reach out to a children’s podiatrist immediately when they observe abnormalities in the way their child walks. The children’s podiatry team at our Singapore clinic works closely with children and their parents to ensure that the child receives the most appropriate treatment and recovers quickly.

Common problems addressed by our pediatric podiatrist

Flat feet are normal among children as the arch has not been fully formed. Yet, it is advised to bring your child to the pediatric podiatrist to access the condition especially so if flat feet are common in the family. Flat feet can also cause associated pains in the child’s legs, hips and knees – it is important to be vigilant of these issues in your children.

Should your child complain about pain in the heels, however, he/she could be experiencing Sever’s disease, a common type of heel pain among children, especially those who are more physically active. A children’s podiatrist will be able to recommend the right treatment methods to ease the pain and allow the child to enjoy run and play without experiencing discomfort.

Warts, corns and ingrown toenails are other common podiatry-related issues we have treated in children. These can get very painful to deal with. We advise against intrusive home treatments as they may give rise to more complications. You may reach out to the children’s podiatry team at our clinic for a cure.

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Book an appointment with a children’s podiatrist in Singapore

You can speak to a pediatric podiatrist at our clinic in Singapore by contacting us at +65 6464 8654. Our Malaysian team in Kuala Lumpur can be reached at +603 7710 5244.

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